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Meet the Author

Tania Chevalier, CMPE

Principal ConsultantĀ + CEO

Tania Chevalier is a healthcare expert with 30 years of experience, and is the Principal Consultant at TurnKeyMD and the founder of My Practice Bridge. She is also the author of the upcoming book "Medical Practice Makeover: 21 Ways to Bring Excellence to Your Medical Practice." Her career is highlighted by her CMPE certification from the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), demonstrating her proficiency in medical practice management. In her role at TurnKeyMD, Tania focuses on medical practice start-ups, boosting profitability, patient experiences, and managing mergers and acquisitions. At My Practice Bridge, she leads in providing innovative communication and workflow solutions for healthcare providers. Tania's deep commitment to healthcare excellence is evident in her approach to empowering providers to deliver top-tier care and ensuring outstanding patient experiences.