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Most medical practice leaders are just trying to survive and don't have much time to evaluate yet another "solution" that requires lengthy implementation. I get it! So let's focus on three innovative, high impact, low-investment tools that will make you  more efficient and help you Calm the Chaos.


This is my favorite platform for getting and staying organized. Everything from staff onboarding to provider credentialing can be managed within this collaborative platform. If you haven't tried it yet, let's talk because it is a game changer once you know how to set it up!

Web Chat + Text Messaging

Once you offer your patient's the option to chat live with your staff and schedule an appointment from your website, you'll never look back. If you want to schedule more New Patient Appointments, this is the best way to make that happen. 

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Yes! With the earbuds and everything just like Taylor Swift's security detail. Seriously, communication is the #1 problem in medical practices. Imagine being able to communicate with team members who are on the opposite side of the clinic. The time savings is amazing and the staff will love you for it! 

These are just three ideas that are guaranteed to help you hit home runs.

Which one do you want to learn about first? I'll walk you through one or all of them.
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